Friday, December 18, 2009

NIGERIA: Free BulkSMS, Free CustomizeSMS

As one of our ways of extending love to all our customers (New or Old) during this Valentine period, the management of is hereby giving out free sms units.

All you just have to do is to buy SMS before MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH 2010 and you will get your bonus SMS instantly credited to your account.

The breakdown of the offer is stated below:

N1, 000 - 200 units + 20 bonus sms
N2, 000 -
400 sms units + 50 bonus sms
N3, 000 -
600 sms units + 80 bonus sms
N4, 000 -
800 sms units + 120 bonus sms
N5, 000 -
1000 sms units + 150 bonus sms
N10, 000 -
2000 sms units +  400 bonus sms
N20, 000 -
4000 sms units + 1000 bonus sms

To buy sms, you will first have to sign up for an account at the SIGN UP page of You can thereafter check the Pricing Page and the Payment page for ways by which you can send your payment.

You can buy sms with Liberty Reserve, by paying to the bank account or by transferring your fund to our Cashcard from any ATM machine.

Load your account now before the banks close for weekend, so you can keep texting.....

Don't know how to send BulkSMS, read HOW TO SEND BULKSMS, CUSTOMIZESMS

Our SMS delivers all across the world. Would like to know more about our coverage map, read CUSTOMIZESMS.COM COVERAGE LIST


Jide Ogunsanya
07062918898, 08050789657


  1. Feel free to use the comment box to let us know what you feel about this promo. Thanks

  2. Hollow sir, I am very sorry for what i have to say but you see i have to say it burders me enough as it is for now i can proff being a fans of MTN but i am ashaim of their rate of stinginess other like celtel do at times in offering free recharge cards to all his costomers but here in with MTN i have never for one day experience this in my life, which is too back with all their wealth.

  3. @Ikenna thanks for the comment. Lets hope MTN will look into this in the long run. Cheers!

  4. I must say that you are very talented and well done for the work you are doing but about this sms stuff there is no intercontinental bank close to where i live is there any other way to pay like sending you a recharge card?